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Davits are an ideal solution for those who want to store their boat on the dock or where conditions do not permit four post or elevator lifts. Davits attach to the boats lifting rings or eye bolts; in some applications slings are used.


Davits are small cranes constructed of galvanized steel mounted in a base which allows them to turn out over the water and back onto the land. They are normally used in sets of two; one to lift the bow of the boat and one to lift the stern. Small davits (2,000 pounds or less) may be mounted directly to the seawall or piling. Larger davits must be mounted on concrete davit pads specifically constructed to bear the forces created by the weight of the boat acting on the arm of the davit. The construction and condition of the davit pads are critical to safe operation.


Stainless steel flat plate drives, Aluminum flat plate drives, or gearbox drives
Galvanized cable to withstand tight winding (flexing)


(safe lifting capacity varies by manufacturer)
1,000 pounds (set of two will safely lift 1,200 to 1,400 pounds)
2,000 pounds (set of two will safely lift 2,800 pounds)
5,500 pounds (set of two will safely lift 5,000 to 7,500 pounds)
6,500 pounds (set of two will safely lift 7,500 to 9,500 pounds)


Power turners (power pivots)
Base Risers
Base extenders

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A properly installed Davit System