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Elevator Lifts

Neptune elevator lifts are the solution for narrow canals, embankments and locations where pilings cannot be used. They are also preferred by many for their appearance and ease of operation.


Two I-beam tracks are driven down into cap rock. Two arms travel along these I-Beams to lift the boat out of the water.

Structural components are welded 6061 T6 marine grade aluminum for maximum strength, and 300 series stainless steel cables and hardware for strength and durability.

Elevator lifts are normally installed at a 25 degree angle to the vertical to place the center of gravity of the boat over the I-Beam tips resting on hard bottom. Forces on the dock or seawall are, therefore, minimized.

  • Enclosed Sealed Gearbox Belt Drive
  • Oversize groove cable winds for extended cable life
  • Guide posts
  • Carpeted bunk boards for flexible conformance to your hull
  • Zinc anodes to protect against electrolysis
  • Delrin wheels on all lifts
  • GEM Control boxes with remote control, leveling switch
  • Ground fault interrupt circuitry


  • Drive unit upgrade to Direct Drives (self contained and self lubricating)
  • Drive unit upgrade to Ultra Fast High Speed H2 Drive unit for 4 times the
    lifting speed Wash down stainless “Hurricane” motors
  • Sea Armor Package, includes upgrade to Teflon winders
  • GEM Control box upgrade to Auto-Stop

5,000 pounds 12,000 pounds 24,000 pounds 40,000 pounds
6,000 pounds 14,000 pounds 27,000 pounds 54,000 pounds
7,000 pounds 15,000 pounds 30,000 pounds 72,000 pounds
10,000 pounds 17,000 pounds 33,000 pounds


15 Year Warranty on the Structural Integrity of the Aluminum and Stainless Steel Members
5 Year Warranty on Gearboxes
2 Year Warranty on Motors
1 Year Warranty on all other Components


Boarding platforms
Stern walk-around platforms for engine servicing
Catamaran and pontoon bunking
Sailboat bunking
Bunking for stepped hulls

Example of Catamaran Lift

This catamaran boat is not a problem to lift, but special issues must be addressed: there must be Catamaran specific bunking and long enough cradle arms with a bottom gusset. These considerations allow the boat to sit properly on the lift.


Any style of boat can be lifted from the typical v-hull boat to a sailboat.