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Before hiring a contractor you should ask a few questions:

  • How long has the contractor been in the construction business?
  • Can they provide references from satisfied customers for the type of work you are requesting?
  • Is the contractor licensed in Monroe County?
  • If so, what type of license does the contractor hold and what is the license number?

You can also check out your contractor online at these websites:
a) Across the top tool bar, click on “Verify a License”
b) On the left hand side of the home page click on “Contractor Search

You should always ask for a Certificate of Insurance and a copy of their contractors license.


The permitting process is lengthy, averaging two and a half to three months. While it is tempting to skip the permits, it’s a bad idea. The Army Corps of Engineers and local governmental authorities can levy heavy fines and require that the lift be removed. As important, local authorities are there to insure that the contractor has the proper qualifications and that the job is done correctly. If you are replacing a lift and have a copy of the original Army Corps permit, that step may be skipped; however, you still need a local permit.

Remember, if you pulled a Homeowners Permit and are having someone else to install the boatlift for you, that permit no longer is valid and you can still be fined by the county. Whoever is installing the boatlift must have the permit in their company’s name. This way, you, the homeowner, is assured that the company is legitimate, has all the proper credentials, and is registered with Monroe County.

This is not what you want to happen to your new lift! An incorrect installation, by an unnamed, unreachable gentleman.


Your new boat lift will be operating in a very harsh environment of salt water, sun and heavy loads. It needs periodic inspection and servicing. From time to time it may also need repair, which if delayed could result in serious problems. Make sure the manufacturer/dealer has a local service organization and a commitment to prompt response to your service needs.


Workers’ compensation coverage is established to protect both workers and employers. Since the homeowner can also be considered an employer, you should be sure that your contractor and his workers are covered; otherwise you may be liable if workers on your dock are injured and are not covered. Ask the contractor you select for a certificate of insurance that shows evidence of workers’ compensation insurance.


Accidents can and do happen around construction sites. Unless your insurance will cover any damages resulting from an accident, ask your contractor for a certificate evidencing his liability insurance.

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